Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shelving Project

The following is a sneak peek at the start of my DIY laundry room make over.

We have a very functional yet BASIC laundry room. It serves its purpose of washing and drying and even provides a little storage. The only problem is that the cupboards that are in the laundry are quite shallow. Its hard to fit a folded towel all the way into the cupboard without having to shove it in or fold it in half again.

Thus, the start of my bright idea (insert husband help here). I thought what about creating some additional shelving above the sink. We have a huge sink in the room and nothing above it. Just space, space and more space. I got the idea for shelving from Thrifty and Chic.

See all this space I have doing nothing.

With a little help from my muscle

All we did was screw heavy duty strips into the studs so that the shelf could rest upon it.

Now for the finishing touch, a strip of molding to cover it all.

I think it turned out pretty good and it gives me so much deep space 24" x 25"1/4.